What is TMS?

Targeted Mobility Scheme – Your First EURES Job is a mobility program making it easier to move, work, and recruit within the European Union.  The aim is to match skilled candidates across Europe with employers with difficulties to fill vacancies. The program includes both mobility services and financial support. The target groups are jobseekers aged 18 or older and employers from an EU country, Norway or Iceland. TMS is interlinked with Your First EURES but while YfEJ focuses on jobseekers aged 18-35, TMS is also targeting those jobseekers 35+.

How does it work?

If you wish to take part in TMS/YfEJ, the first step is to contact your EURES Adviser or the public employment service in your country of residency.

What are the conditions?

These are the conditions to take part:

  • 18 years or older
  • Citizen of an EU country, Norway or Iceland
  • Resident in an EU country, Norway or Iceland and apply for a job in another EU country, Norway or Iceland
  • Job applied for must have a duration of at least 6 months
  • Working hours must be at least 50 percent of a normal working week


It is important to be aware that you will be obliged to reimburse the whole amount if you don’t travel to the interview without duly motivated and lawful reasons to do so. If that would be the case, you must immediately inform TMS/YfEJ

How can I benefit from the program?

You can first get help and support finding a job and then, secondly you can apply for financial support when you have been offered a job in another EU country, Norway or Iceland.

Going for a job interview

If you have been invited to a job interview, you can apply for financial support to travel to the job interview in another EU country, Norway or Iceland. It is also possible to receive support for an interview trip within your own country of residence if it is a recruitment for a job in another EU country, Norway or Iceland. The funding is a contribution for travel and accommodation costs depending on the distance and ranges from 100 to 350 EUR, as well as daily subsistence allowance covering meals, local transport etc.

If you travel...

50 km-250 km you can receive 100 euro

250–500 km = 250 euro

And if the trip to the interview is longer than 500 km you receive  350 euro

Be aware...

  • You need to send the application at the latest one day before the date of the interview. You cannot apply retroactively!
  • You cannot receive both support from the employer and EURES or another project – in other words you can receive “double” financial support for travelling to a job interview.

Relocation allowance – when the job is yours!

When offered a job, you can apply for financial support for moving to the new country. The relocation support is a contribution towards the costs for transport, travel insurance, temporary accommodation during the first stay in the country, meals etc.

Remember that in order to be eligible for the TMS/YfEJ relocation allowance, you cannot receive the same kind of support from your new employer. However, if you want, you can choose not to accept the support from your employer and apply for allowance from TMS/YfEj instead. The support is a flat rate according to the country of destination from EUR 700-1400 depending on cost of living. These are the rates for the Nordics:

  • Norway = 1400 EUR
  • Denmark = 1400 EUR
  • Sweden = 1200 EUR
  • Finland = 1200 EUR
  • Iceland = 1040 EUR

Family support: a bonus is that you can also apply for financial support for your spouse and dependent children moving together with you. The family support is the same as the relocation cost, so if your spouse is moving with you to for example Norway you will receive 1400 EUR extra!

As for the job interview, you must apply for financial support at the latest one day before leaving the country of residence and before the starting date of the new job, you cannot receive financial support retroactively.

Recognition of qualifications

When you find a job, are pre-selected or has good chances of getting a job in another EU country, Norway or Iceland and has a need to have your academic and/or professional qualifications recognized in the new country of work, you can get financial support towards the costs incurred.

This may include certified copies, translations, supervised practises etc. You can receive up to 400 EUR after submitting a recognition request to the competent clarification body in the new country of work.

Language courses

Besides receiving financial support for recognition of qualifications, you can also receive support for language courses. When you find a job in another EU country, Norway or Iceland you can apply for financial support consisting of reimbursement of actual declared costs up to max. EUR 2000. You can also receive this support if you are not already selected for a job but have strong motivations and good chances in a sector of hard to fill vacancies.


An important detail is that TMS/YfEJ needs to authorize the application before you start your language course. You should send the application in good time, preferable 2 weeks before you start the course!


Supplementary trip allowance

Finally, if you have special needs, you may qualify for a so-called supplementary trip allowance to help you cover extra expenditures when moving to another EU country. An example is if you have disabilities and need to cover the cost for transportation of a wheelchair or a guide-dog. You can receive up to 500 EUR extra and once again remember to send the application in advance!


Step by step

1.  The first step is to contact your EURES advisor which will tell you more about the necessary steps and what you need to think about!

2.   Fill out the relevant application form and answer all the questions – the page that requires date and handwritten signature, must be printed and scanned as a pdf.

3.   Attach the application form and all requested supplementary documents and email it to one of the mailboxes listed on www.yourfirsteuresjob.se. Choose your country of residence, or else send it to Sweden


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