Some of the primary feedback we have received from young people, who have moved to another country, is that it can be difficult to establish a new social network. At Nordisk Jobløsning we try to address this challenge by offering every participant a tailored culture and leisure programme. Participants who reach out will be provided with recommendations on where to meet others, such as local sports clubs, culture offerings and much more.

Furthermore, we will invite participants from Nordisk Jobløsning to different events, where you will have the possibility to meet others being in the same situaiton as you and network. The content of the events varies and depend on the interests of the participants. An example could be a hike in the Norwegian mountains, sailing trips in the Swedish archipelago or harbour boat trips in the canals of Copenhagen.

30 years of experience developing culture programs

Nordjobb has since 1985 offered their participants culture and leisure programs. A common feeback has been reappering throughout the years: - "It is not through the job but through the culture and leisure activities that makes the time at Nordjobb the greatest adventure abroad while meeting new friends for life across the Nordic region." 


Local traditions

In Sweden, you celebrate ’midsommar’, in Denmark and Norway ‘Sankt Hans’ and in Finland it is called ‘Juhannus’. With Nordjobb, you can experience the traditions as they are celebrated in the host country.



Whether it is mountain climbing in Norway, sailing in the Aaland archipelago or horseback riding in Iceland, the excursions in the leisure program of Nordjobb are usually amongst the most memorable from your summer adventure.


Language courses

A common element of the culture- and leisure program is courses in Nordic language understanding. At Nordjobb we have a focus on the Scandinavian languages, being Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.


Do you have an idea?

Maybe you have an idea for an activity during the summer. As a participant, it is fully possible to influence the content of the program. Discuss your possibilities with your local project assistant.

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