Writing your CV and cover letter is a significant challenge no matter what education, experience and seniority you have. There are at least as many ways to write a CV and a cover letter as there are people on this planet.

At Nordisk Jobløsning people frequently ask:

  • How should I approach my job search?
  • How does a perfect CV and cover letter look like?

Let us be honest: There is no perfect CV or cover letter!

There are, however, some valuable guidance in order to make your CV and cover letter as sharp as possible. We have thus gathered recommendations and guidances that we have encountered throughout the years with different job applicats, unemployment benefit offices, public unemployement agencies, labour unions as well as employers.  

After all, there are some common denominators that we see repeatedly, no matter what education and experience one have.

CV template Cover Letter template

The sharply focused Cover Letter

Always bear in mind that your application must include how you can add value to the company you are applying for. We have thus gathered some recommendations for you: 

  • Show value: The purpose of the application is that the employer should want to invite you for a job interview.
  • Clarity: The keyword to a good application is clarity. Studies show that employers read your application very superficially. Hence, your application should be easy to skim-read in order to find the essential points. Having a catchy heading definitely helps! 
  • Preparation: You should already in your introduction describe what motivates you to get the job in order for the employer to have a reason to continue reading your application. Tell them why you think the company and the job is exciting and make sure that your starting point is in the actual occupation.
  • Who are you? Introduce yourself, but do NOT make the mistake of telling in detail what you previously have done. This should appear in your CV.
  • Personal competencies: Remember to describe who you are as a person – not just professionally, but also personally.
  • Examples: It is vital that you give concrete examples about your experiences with solving similar tasks in conjuction to tasks stated in the job vacancy. It is not enough to write that you are good at something. You have to show your strenghts by showing what tasks you have accomplished and what issues you have solved. 
  • Proof-read: Do not make spelling mistakes. Proof-read your application for errors before you send it.

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