For job seekers

Are you interested in applying your education and competences in real jobs in the Nordic countries? Can you see yourself working in a permanent or temporary position in Norway, Denmark or Sweden? Then Nordisk Jobløsning is the way forward!

 Who is the project for?

The project is for you who:

  • Are looking for a job or just curious about what job opportunities there are in Norway, Sweden and Denmark
  • Want help finding your dream position in Sweden, Norway, or Denmark

Despite the fact that the European economies are booming and that employers and organizations are crying out for qualified labor, more and more graduates are finding it difficult to enter the labor market.

Many, especially graduates, are experiencing difficulties in using their education to find a job that matches their qualifications. As a result, many are facing challenges with long-term unemployment and problems with unemployment benefits.

The aim of Nordisk Jobløsning is to address these challenges

The project expands your job market to include workplaces across the Øresund region and Norway.

The project gives you a unique opportunity to gain international working experience and further develop your personal and professional skills. At the same time, the project offers an exchange of experiences, an opportunity to learn a new language and a unique meeting with a new culture.

The benefits of being part of Nordisk Jobløsning

  • Access to more jobs across the Øresund region and Norway
  • Opportunity to find positions that matches YOUR competencies
  • Free preparatory individual coaching course (if you live in Copenhagen)
  • Good wage opportunities and work / life balance
  • Exchange of experiences, development of language skills and cultural understanding
  • International experience

We help you get started 

If you become part of Nordisk Jobløsning, you will have access to four unique opportunities:

Job search

You can either search for vacancies within the project geography on our own job database. Avoid having to login to different pages in each of the three countries in the project geography by having everything assembled in ONE PLACE.

You can also get customized help with your job search by writing to the secretariat and entering:

  • What competencies you have (education / interests)
  • What kind of positions you’re aiming for - job type (preferably with specification of specific job examples)
  • Where you would like to work  (if you have geographic preferences)
  • Other (are you bringing children / family or similar)

The secretariat then sends you 5-10 specific job posting we consider might be interesting for you. At the same time, we put you in touch with job coaches who can help you further (employers, interest organizations, other people from our business network).

Furthermore, we put you in touch with our consultants who can give you further help with specific job contacts in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


In Copenhagen, job seekers can get a 3x3 hour individual coaching course from our project partner AOF Center Hovedstaden. The course is approved as an activation offer by Jobcenter Copenhagen. Get help with your CV, application, job search, clarification of competence, etc. Find out how to sign up here.

Practical help

Receive help from the secretariat with all the practicalities of moving to a new country. You get support with everything from finding accommodation, understanding tax rules and insurance to finding the local nursery for your children. Find answers to many questions here.

Culture and Leisure Activities

Once you’re settled, the secretariat will be able to assist you in finding local culture- and leisure offers.